Closet Cleanout Experience

Keep, Donate, Sell or Recycle 
No More Compromising Your Style!


Get Rid of Everything That No Longer FIT You!

When you make the decision to invest in yourself / your image, a closet cleanout is the first place to start. Your closet is where the pieces you need to get ready for the day are housed. You should be able to walk into your closet to coordinate a look you love at any given time, for any occasion - work, weekend, casual/fun or special event . If your wardrobe does not match your body type, personality or lifestyle, this is the service for you!


Let's rid your closet of what no longer works for you. Our goal is to find what 'FITS' You! No more compromising your style. During this session we will:

  • Try on all items in your closet

  • Talk through fit, style and body proportion

  • Identify 'Keep', 'Donate' or 'Sell' and 'Toss / Recycle' items



• Allows you to 'see' what you have in your closet.
• Coordinate looks more readily / easily. Reduce get ready time.
• Helps you 'Find Your Fit' - create your own personal look.


After your closet cleanout session, you will receive my personal style recommendations - items you can add to create the wardrobe you desire.

TIP: Download 'StyleBook App' to begin taking photos of your wardrobe items, during this session. This app allows you to organize, plan and coordinate looks on your phone.