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CLIENT: Kimberly Williams, Founder of Faith Collaborative

QSP Studios, Photographer: Que Ewing


Services Included: Pre-Shoot Virtual Styling Session, Hair Styling, Makeup, Pose Coaching

"My wellness journey started about 3 years ago with Karon L. Washington. She has worked with me for years helping to build confidence, self body image and styling. Today we had a session for a project she's working on and let's just say she had her work cut out. I'm not much of a make up girl and I'm not really into hair, but what she has taught me and continues to teach me is that valuing what you have and using your resources wisely makes a huge difference in your appearance and how you feel about yourself.


2020: One-on-One Total Makeover Photoshoot

One year ago, I had my first 'Shop-Your-Closet Style Session' and 'Total Makeover Photoshoot' with Karon L. Washington. I was apprehensive and in so much pain because of extensive loss and grief. My weight was out of control and I was hanging on by a thread, emotionally, spiritually and physically. What a difference a year makes. After the 2019 photo shoot, I made a commitment to start exercising. I chose running and started with baby steps and now I'm running 4 to 5 miles a day 6 days a week. I've loss over 45 lbs and still working on that core. Isn't it always the last thing to snap into shape? Anywho, the point is transformation starts from the inside out. Hope you will make up your mind to 'transform' a few things in your life. 

2019: One-on-One Total Makeover Photoshoot

When I tell you that you lifted my heart from despair this holiday weekend I MEAN IT!!!

You will never know what your text did for me. I was in bed and could hardly put my feet to the floor because I was struggling with the first Thanksgiving and birthday without my mom on this side of heaven. You will never fully understand how your actions encouraged me!!!! The funny thing is that I never mentioned my anguish but you cared for me and loved me to laughter. Therefore, showing a tangible hope, faith and love just as we plan to do with and for victims of human trafficking. During the shoot, whenever I held my head down, you would say run your fingers through your hair. I interpreted that as fix your crown sister. Whenever I would let my shoulders slump, you would say roll your shoulders back. I interpreted that as stand tall queen. Whenever I would let my stomach go, you would say watch your core. I interpreted that as remember whose you are because you belong to the King of Kings!

So as we launch Freedom Awareness I am grateful for how God will use this mission to help us love and encourage others."


CLIENT: Keri White, Opulent Kare

Service: Style Session & Creative Direction

"When I contacted Karon I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I knew I needed help getting my life together for my branding shoot. I never considered using a stylist. Karon arrived at my Shop-Your-Closet Style Session and the rest is history!!!! She created my entire look for this shoot with items I already owned.

For those that know me well....I’m a control freak (I almost passed out when she said bring your mother’s fur to the shoot ). I let go, trusted her judgement and she killed it! She was my hair dresser, makeup artist, slipper carrier, belt fixer and anything else I needed her to be on location. I could not have done this without her.

Ladies-if you need assistance with your style direction contact her!!" - Keri

I had the honor of joining an ALL BLACK FEMALE Creative Team to produce this Business Branding Photoshoot.

Photographer: Rhea Whitney Photography

Makeup Artist: Tonia O. Artistry


My Client, Keri, is a Mom, Wife, Registered Nurse of 13+ yrs and Business Owner. Her transformation journey is INSPIRING - once weighing 250 lbs . She's now sharing her story and reaching out to help others. Love It!

WHAT WE DID to CREATE HER LOOKS & Choose Business Branding Props:

☆ Virtual Style Consultation- determine styling and creative direction needs.

☆ 2 HR Shop-Your-Closet Style Session - coordinated looks with what she had in the closet, including the fur.

☆ 2 HR On-Location Styling & Creative Direction - prep complete looks with shoes and accessories. Assistant photographer and client with props and posing.

You are 'ON-BRAND', Rock Star!! - Karon

CLIENT: Shantania Loving-Leggins

Service: Total Makeover Photoshoot - In Studio

"This chic Karon L. Washington 'The Makeover Stylist' is the real deal. Oh, does she challenge me and pulls me out of my comfort zone. If you need a Makeover, a Shop Your Closet Session or just some girly fun you need to book her ASAP!

"Words really do no justice. We are clearly assigned to each other's lives. You've been the style and glam behind my photos for years. BUT... ( Caution...a little deep) This current #AmazingAssignment is absolutely like nothing we've encountered together! What you do for women is far more than the eye can see. You respond to the call of our deepest fears. You empower me to say it, face it, embrace it and know that I'm not crazy but full of life and I get to make a decision about how I will move forward. The photos are snapped between life changing discussions. You're capturing the raw emotions, the fresh thoughts and open confessions of our human. I'm trying to explain it...You really just have to experience it...and her for yourself. This keeps me clear and #Clarity is everything for me. I Thank God for Karon and the #Giftinyourhandsandheart"

CLIENT: Kyra Hardwick

Managing Consultant at

The Kyra Company

CEO & Founder at Imagine Excellence, Inc. 

Service: VIP Style Plan

1559264078473_By Karon - red.png

"Every session reflects another phase of my growth, level of courage, releases my insecurities, commitment to not going back to circumstances that do not serve me. Being ok with not being ok, talking through random 'feelings' all while calling the truest of my beauty forward. I get to see me for the woman evolved that I am"! #GlamTherapy Session - 

CLIENT: Grace Holden

Service: Style Session - Shop Your Closet

I absolutely love Karon!!! Do not wait another second. Book Karon now. She is absolutely phenomenal. She came to my closet and worked magic in my Shop In My Closet experience.
She put together clothes that helped me to win in a photo/video shoot. She is an expert at body styles and enhancing your inner beauty. Her vibes is on point and the music she plays is spot on. Not just clothes that look good on me but also clothes that made my shoot stand out!! Can't wait to see how she styles some of my speakers for the Virtual Stage. Yes, ma'am that's next!

Photo Jan 18, 3 01 38 PM_edited.png




CLIENT: Tiffany A. Washington 

Founder of Transformation 7  & Women Winning at Work 

Photo Jan 18, 3 01 38 PM_edited.png

POWER Brunch Promo Photo Shoot 

Vintage Photoshoot: Wardrobe Styling & Makeup - 50's Look 

CLIENT: Angel Cornelius 

Service: 1:1 Makeup Tutorial | TV/Camera

"Thank you Karon for my amazing hands-on makeup tutorial. We sat side by side as she applied on one side of my face, then instructed me how to do the other side. She covered everything from product selection and application, a full instructional on the purpose and proper usage of each tool (doesn't matter if I have 20 make-up brushes, if I use them incorrectly- LOL) and how to ensure my makeup last throughout the day. It was truly worth it!!!"

CLIENT: Nakia Roberson

Service: Total Makeover Photoshoot

"Working with Karon L Washington ensures a service never short of excellence. She cares enough to push and challenge you to try new things and get rid of old things. During my 'Total Makeover Experience' she made me feel like a Superstar!
I was shocked at the many styles she created from the clothes in my closet to the ways she styled my hair. She then completed the look with flawless makeup. When looking in the mirror I saw a confident, fashionable version of myself and I feel in love.
My branding shoot was an amazing experience because Karon pushed me outside my box. I learned so much from her direction.
Karon has a heart for what she does and it’s evident in the service she provides. Her kind spirit, bubbly personality and enthusiasm about her work is an added bonus."


CLIENT: Precious Parks 

Recording Artist | Principal at KIPP 

"What I love about my Stylist, Karon, is that she has taught me how to choose looks. I then use my eye with her guidelines. I put an outfit together and shoot her a picture. She approves, denies and makes enhancements. It's the BEST styling relationship EVER!!!!"

Wardrobe Styling & Makeup - Grace & GRIT Music Videos 

Personal Brand Styling - In Store Consult,

1 - on - 1 Makeup Class, Styling Sessions and Closet CleanOut

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