Total MakeOver PhotoShoot

One-on-One Full Styling Experience | The Ultimate Confidence Booster

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A 1:1 Transformation Experience packaged for women who are making a total shift in their lives to become a better version of themselves - women who are in need of full styling services for personal and/or professional brand images. This all-in-one, head-to-toe makeover service is designed to help you discover a new look, rediscover your sense of style, see yourself differently while staying TRU to who you are, with photos to capture the moment. Also known as 'StyleTherapy' !


Services Included:
Hair & Makeup
Wardrobe Styling
Pose Coaching
Creative Direction
Photo Gallery


We decide a mutual location. Home, office or on location is standard. Studio - additional fee.


You will have your own archive of stock photos to use on your social media pages. Your images can be used in so many creative ways.

NOTE: Images are not high resolution. I recommend we opt in a Professional Photographer if you're in need of images for website, book covers, signage, etc.


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