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Karon L. Washington

'The Makeover Stylist'

MUA & Hair Stylist

Wardrobe Stylist & Consultant

Creative Producer & Director


Many times in life, one comes across individuals who are gifted with talents that touch the world, but it is rare that they come across individuals who have a natural “knack” for a particular craft and this rings true for Karon Washington. With a beautiful family and two successful businesses, Karon holds fast to her mantra of style and excellence.

KaronCouture, Inc. and new brand, ByKaron, are the businesses that keep her making hearts happy, keep her clients looking their best, and causing esteem to be raised to a healthy level.

This is Karon’s mission because of her own humble beginnings:

Raised on the South Side of inner city Chicago, Karon was no stranger to drug dealers, liquor stores and gangs.  Although none of the aforementioned were vices for her, finding her way to change a “no” into a “yes” from her mother was. Very strong-willed, stubborn, and “hard-headed” as referred by her mother, “whoopings” were a common friend to her. Karon found herself in a series of situations and relationships that taught her how to fight and survive. Her single parent mom would frequent local thrift stores, thus encouraging Karon’s love and later appreciation for 2nd hand stores . In the moment, it had to be done. No transportation and thrift stores were a way of life. Through it all, she developed strength of character through endurance and watching her mother push through obstacles with endurance.


Karon graduated high school, in Milwaukee, and found herself in a series of events that led to a pregnancy with a baby she decided to keep. She was determined to make it. Years of “house play” led to another pregnancy, but an unsuccessful relationship. Karon resolved to move to Houston, where her mother and sister’s had made home years before. With a one way ticket on Greyhound bus, she packed her child and her things to proceed onto a new life in Houston, TX.

Moving forward, unbeknownst to Karon, a wonderful husband awaited her in Houston. After a very persistent “prince charming’ pursued a semi-resistant Karon, she acquiesced to his persistent approach. She found herself enjoying the conversation, the pursuit...the man. Even though not looking for a husband, she found herself saying “I do” to a man she had fallen in love with without advanced notice to her heart. He was different. He was the instrument God would use to bring healing to Karon’s heart.

Today, the couple gives complete honor to God and serves in their local church. In addition, she is a rising star in the fashion industry. She credits her successes to God’s guidance, hard work, real life, hands on, and in-the-field training. In regards to her natural gifts, there have been no formal education or instruction. “I believe they will make room for me and put me in the presence of greatness (Prov. 18:16), as they have thus far!”, says Karon.  And they will continue to do so as she makes her services available to leaders, business women, churches, children, models, and all. Her services are second to none and her work ethic is a cut above the rest.

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